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High-quality butane Gas Is purified and odourless. Hydrocarbon Fuel is Ideal For clean burning in portable stoves and lighters. It Ensures Efficient Combustion And Is Packaged Safely For User Convenience.

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Btane gas is a convenient and clean energy solution and our high-quality pressurized containers provide safe and efficient fuel for stoves, lighters and heaters. experience the power of hydrocarbon gas in your outdoor adventures making cooking and camping a breeze.

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Introducing Hydrocarbon and Butane Gas that is easily accessible to you at Ashish Chemicals. Now you can find this product in various sizes of can.


The payment process at Ashish Chemicals is simple. You can pay via UPI, or buy it in bulk and pay via cash as well.

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We follow a very sorted procedure. Once the order is placed, we dispatch the required quantity and give you a live tracking link till the time it reaches you.

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The delivery of the product is eminent as we make sure to keep in mind the safety standards.

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Welcome to Ashish Chemical

Welcome to Ashish Chemicals, your trusted source for Butane and Hydrocarbon Gases. At Ashish Chemicals, we dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality Butane and Hydrocarbon gases and meet your industrial and commercial needs. We have years of expertise, commitment to excellence and determination to deliver safe, efficient and environmentally responsible solutions. We are a professionally managed company that is focused primarily on Aerosol & allied Products. We make up for a team of vibrant and young professionals who are transforming the Aerosol vertical where our choosing Ashish Chemicals is a natural choice for the consumers of this domain. The staff consists of forward looking & smart individuals who work towards maintaining the quality of the products at each point.

Being able to earn the reputation of a highly reliable manufacturer of AEROSOL PRODUCTS in India, we have achieved a figure never heard of and has become one of the most popular Aerosol companies in India.

Parent Company establish in 2015 & ASHISH CHEMICALS ESTABLISH IN

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With the success of our prevailing products- Hydrocarbons Gas and Butane Gas; we will soon launch our new products and are hopeful for collective support. Be it rust removers, spray paint guns, coil savers, refrigerant gases or other useful products, we are sure to launch them in the coming times.

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Our compelling and insightful service makes us stand at the top. We only want our product to resonate with our audience and leave a lasting impact with them.

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Our dedicated team of professionals is aligned to make products and your experience of using these products even better.

R&D Department Team

Our in depth research about the chemicals involved in making of the Butane and Hydrocarbon Gas is adept as we want to guarantee safety.

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We bet you can find as much great quality and storage facilities as Ashish Chemicals anywhere else.

Aerosol Filling Plant

We have a gas filling plant store that processes and distributes various gases like oxygen or propane ensuring safe and efficient delivery to consumers.

Registered Company

We fulfil the required norms of a registered company with our GST registration process being duly completed.