How to Use Butane Fuel Operated Camp Stoves: Tutorial and Safety

Chances are if you’re an avid camper, or at the very least, someone who has spent a bit of time outdoors, you’re probably familiar with Butane Fuel Operated Camp Stoves. Compact yet versatile, inexpensive yet quality – these little gems have slowly been sweeping the nation as a much more economic option compared to its propane counterparts.

Prior to Use

In order for you to get the most out of your Butane Fuel Operated Camp Stoves there are some safety points you should consider prior to operating the stove.

1. Inspect the Butane Fuel Canister for any signs of damage (large dents, punctures, holes).

2. Inspect the Butane Fuel Camp Stove for any indication of damage (large dents, punctures, holes).

3. Ensure the stove is away from any source of open fire

4. Place on a level surface where the stove will not tip over.

How to Use

1. Make sure the dial is in the off position.

2. Open the Butane Cartridge Compartment

3. Locate the latch stove and line it up with the divet on the canister.

4. Close the Butane Cartridge Compartment and press down on the lock lever

5. Turn the dial clockwise until you hear a “click”

Safety Points to Consider

Ensure that the cookware you are using is not oversized. (Rule of Thumb: Cookware size should not extend past the hole that is located on the butane canister compartment)

Never place two Single Burner Butane Fuel Camp Stoves in lieu of a Double Burner Camp Stove (We carry Double Burner Camp Stoves)

Always keep any eye the on stove during operation.

Ensure that you are not using the stove in an enclosed area. (Portable Camp Stoves are designed for Outdoor Use Only unless otherwise stated)

Keep out of children's reach at all times.