Hydrocarbon gas is a commonly used gas that is abundant in nature and has a wide range of applications across various industries. It is a versatile gas which is significant in our daily lives. It is an energy Source and is widely used as fuels for heating, cooking and electricity generation. Natural gas, predominantly composed of methane, is a clean-burning energy source and it plays a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It is used in the petrochemical Industry as hydrocarbon gases serve as raw materials for the production of various petrochemicals including ethylene and propylene which are vital for the manufacture of plastics, synthetic rubber and other chemical products. It also serves as a refrigerant which is used in household appliances and commercial refrigeration units during low environmental impact and high energy efficiency. Another major industry that it serves is the Medical applications field.

A.S Butane Gas Usage Directions

Answer- Hydrocarbon gases are used as fuel for vehicles and in industrial processes such as welding and cutting.
Answer- We offer a range of hydrocarbon gases, including methane (natural gas), propane, butane and blends which are customised to specific applications.
Answer- When handled and stored properly, hydrocarbon gases are safe to use. However, you can know the correct procedure to use it with the help of our professionals.